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The Best Selling Smartphone that Shines 2015

The obvious thing from best selling Smartphone is an iPhone that made by either the Apple Inc. or Samsung, be the perfect top selling Smartphones. So for now, let’s choose from the other dazzling Smartphone candidate. Let’s start from Google Nexus 5, this incredible Smartphone has an amazing price for an unlocked Smartphone. As the next fast CPU and GPU, it has the beautiful full HD display, worth to be called the best selling Smartphone. The outstanding 1080 pixel with 5 inch display will cuddle your eyes more. It has the Kitkat Android version and the 8 megapixel camera with HDR performance is much improved, the stunning LTE support also long battery life. The hardware still not classy to leading the all fronts, though. The other Smartphone is HTC One (M8) as the most premium design, it supports the 192 KHz FLAC audio and the bundled ear buds are so solid. Although in the other hand, the earphones is lack of secure fit and the software audio enhancements are not for you, the audiophiles. This Smartphone is worth to be in the best selling Smartphone.

The other best selling Smartphone on the lust is LG G3 with Multiple Carriers. The incredible things from this Smartphone that made it sell so well it is the unmatched screen resolution, the high quality of design, the sharp camera, and huge screen for the size of Smartphone. The other affordable price of this best selling Smartphone is 32 GB Smartphone (in the ordinary stage, you only can bought the 16 GB Smartphone with the same amount of money) and you don’t have to be worry about the charging anymore, because it has a very good long battery life. Again, like the other things, it has a bad point, because it is a huge Smartphone, the screen resolutions may be too high to perceive for some. The lower benchmark also scores more than the other major competitors. But, still the call quality is good. These bad things can’t stop you to purchase this amazing best selling Smartphone.
Title: The Best Selling Smartphone that Shines 2015
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